How popular are Mutual Funds in other countries?

How popular are Mutual Funds in other countries? zoom-icon

Mutual Funds Sahi Hai?

The Global Assets Under Management (AUM) of Open-end Mutual Fund schemes exceeded US$ 37.1 trillion, across 100,494 schemes as on Dec 31, 2015.

While developed markets have the maximum AUM, developing or emerging markets are beginning to break out. The US had over $17.7 trillion in AUM, while Europe had $12.7 trillion. Asia Pacific countries had $4.7 trillion, of which Australia, China and Japan accounted for $1.52 Trillion, $1.26 Trillion and $1.33 Trillion respectively. Brazil, had over $743 Billion in Mutual Fund Assets. India had Assets of $168 Billion, thus showing the low penetration of Mutual Funds in India, while highlighting the tremendous unrealised potential in India.

The data suggests that Mutual Funds are very popular in developed nations and are rapidly creating acceptance in fast growing emerging markets. Aiding the growth is increase in GDP as well as establishment of effective regulatory structures to manage the growth.

(All data and figures: International Investment Funds Association from Investment Company Institute Year Book 2016)

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