What is a Hybrid Fund?


Mutual Funds Sahi Hai?

Our choice of meals when we dine depend largely on the time at hand, the occasion and of course, our mood. If we’re in a hurry, say during an office lunch or eating before boarding a bus/train, we may opt for a combo meal. Or if we know a combo meal is famous, we may not bother to go through the menu. A leisurely meal would mean ordering individual items from the menu, as many as we’d like.

Similarly, an investor in a Mutual Funds can select and invest individually in various schemes, e.g. equity fund , debt fund , gold fund , liquid fund , etc. At the same time, there are schemes like a combo meal – known as hybrid schemes. These hybrid schemes, earlier known as Balanced Funds, invest in two or more asset categories so that the investor can avail the benefit of both. There are various types of hybrid funds in the Indian Mutual Fund industry. There are schemes that invest in two assets, viz., equity and debt, or debt and gold. There are also schemes that invest in equity, debt and gold. However, most of the popular hybrid schemes invest in equity and debt assets.

Different types of hybrid funds follow different asset allocation strategies. Remember to have your objectives clear before you invest.

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