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Determine the monthly SIP investments you need to make to reach a particular goal.

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Past performance may or may not be sustained in future and is not a guarantee of any future returns.
Please note that these calculators are for illustrations only and do not represent actual returns.
Mutual Funds do not have a fixed rate of return and it is not possible to predict the rate of return.
Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

The majority of investors target a certain amount of wealth within a time frame before the beginning of their investment journey. In terms of systematic investment plans for mutual funds - an investor can decide the SIP amount to invest each month and, the period to stay invested for.
For this SIP investment analysis - investors can seamlessly use the Goal Based SIP Calculator.

What is a Goal Based SIP Calculator?

The Goal-Based SIP Calculator is an easy-to-use online software or tool that assists you in getting an idea of the maturity value (wealth accumulation goal). This is a tool you can use even before you invest your money
This tool works through a pre-programmed algorithm that calculates the result with the data you provide, such as - targeted corpus, tenure, and return rate. However, the SIP calculator is a mere estimation of the future value of a fictitious investment based on the input you provide and cannot be guaranteed since mutual funds carry market risks. Therefore, it is also known as a Future value calculator.

How Does the Goal-Based SIP Calculator Work?

The SIP calculator is simple to use and gives you the SIP value by the data points you enter. You can use the Goal-Based SIP Calculator through the steps explained below:


Step 1: Enter the goal amount you want to reach through your SIP investment.

Step 2: Choose the duration of the investment.

Step 3: Input the expected rate of return (%) per annum.

You will see the display of your total investment and the monthly SIP amount you need to invest.


The determination of the monthly SIP amount and time frame of investment is crucial to reaching a particular goal, which this calculator can navigate you through.

Advantages of Using the Goal-Based SIP Calculator

The benefits of using the Goal-based SIP calculator are:


1. It is a Future Value Calculator: This Goal based SIP calculator offers you the futuristic values of an investment, stimulating you to invest more systematically.


2. It Can Save Time from Manual Calculations: Manual calculations on how much you need to invest in SIP methods every month to reach a certain maturity amount can be time-consuming. This calculator provides you with a quick resolution.


3. It Avoids Human Error: The generic mistakes that happen during manual calculations can be avoided with the use of the Goal-Based SIP Calculator.


4. It Helps to Determine and Strategize an Investment Plan: When you understand how much you have to invest each month to reach an estimated value, it assists you in strategizing and planning your investments accordingly.


Q1. What is the Goal based SIP calculator?

The Goal based SIP calculator is an online tool that can be used by investors to understand how much they need to invest as SIPs for a targeted maturity amount.

Q2. How is the Goal based SIP calculator different from the SIP calculator?

The SIP calculator gives you the maturity amount of an investment, and the data you will have to input is - SIP amount, return rate, and investment tenure. Whereas the goal-based SIP calculator is when you enter the maturity amount you need, the return rate, and investment tenure, then the calculator will tell you the SIP value you need to invest every month.

Q3. How will the Goal based SIP calculator help me?

The calculator can provide you with instant results, helping you avoid the time consumed by manual calculations. Moreover, you get to estimate the futuristic outcome of an investment.

Q4. What makes the Goal-based SIP calculator a useful tool?

It can cater as an essential tool for financial planning, informed decision-making, estimating the investment amount, and targeting a corpus.