Smart Goal Calculator

Plan your financial goal by calculating the SIP or Lumpsum amount
required, considering your present investment.

Target Amount
Future value of amount invested ₹54.74 Lacs
Amount remaining to reach your goal ₹45.26 Lacs
Assumed rate of return %
Monthly SIP amount to be invested ₹9,060.48
Target Amount
Final Value of SIP Investments ₹49.96 Lacs
Amount remaining to reach your Goal ₹50.04 Lacs
Expected Rate of Return %
Amount to be invested as Lumpsum ₹9.14 Lacs


1. Every asset class in a mutual fund scheme involves a certain level of risk.

2. The online calculator is merely an approximate method of determining the future value of your SIP and lumpsum investments This calculator does not guarantee future returns or performance of any investment, and the actual results may vary based on market conditions, tax laws, and other factors.

3. The calculators may not take into account all the fees, charges, and expenses associated with the investment, which may affect the returns.

4. It is advisable to conduct your own analysis or seek the assistance of a financial adviser before arriving at a decision.

What is a Smart Goal calculator?

The Smart Goal calculator is a helpful tool that assists you in determining how much money you should invest via lumpsum or SIP, or even a combination of both, to reach your target corpus within your desired timeframe.

By providing some essential details, such as your target amount, investment duration, and expected returns, the calculator calculates the ideal allocation between lump sum and SIP investments.

How does a Smart Goal calculator work?

To use a Smart Goal calculator effectively, you need to provide specific information about your investment plan:

  • Target Amount: Input the target amount you wish to achieve through your investments. Investment Duration: Specify the time period within which you aim to reach your financial goal.
  • Lumpsum Amount: If you plan to make a one-time lumpsum investment (and wish to find the SIP amount to be invested), enter the amount you intend to invest initially.
  • SIP Amount: If you prefer regular investments through a systematic investment plan (SIP) (and wish to find the lumpsum amount to be invested), provide the periodic investment amount.
  • Expected Rate of Return: Select the estimated average annual rate of return you expect on your investments.

Once you've entered these details, the calculator will show you how much money you should invest upfront as a lumpsum and how much should be invested regularly through SIP to reach your desired financial goal within your chosen time frame.

Understanding Smart Goal calculator

To illustrate the functionality of this calculator, let's consider an example .

Say you have a retirement goal of Rs 1 Crore. Next month, you will receive a bonus of Rs 5 Lakh, and you want to start saving for your retirement using this amount. However, considering you only have 15 years left until retirement, you know that this lump sum alone won't be enough to reach your target. You understand that you'll need to invest more, but making another lump sum investment is not feasible. The good news is that you can opt for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and invest a certain amount on a monthly basis.

Now, the question arises: How much more should you invest each month to achieve your retirement goal?

Your target is to accumulate Rs 1 Crore. You've already invested Rs 5 Lakh in a lumpsum for 15 years, expecting a return of 12%. However, the calculator estimates a final value of Rs 27,36,782.88 based on your current investment, indicating a shortfall of Rs 72,63,217.12.

Now, let's explore a solution to bridge this gap through monthly SIP investments. The investment scheme remains the same, with an expected return of 12%.

When you input these numbers into the calculator, it reveals that you need to make a monthly SIP investment of Rs 14,539 to reach your desired goal.

Similarly, if you've been investing through SIP but realise that achieving your target goal seems difficult, you might consider supplementing your retirement investments with a lumpsum amount. By entering all these details into the calculator, it can assist you in determining the additional lumpsum amount required to be invested for your desired duration, ensuring you reach your target corpus on time.


1. Please note that these calculators are for illustrations only and do not represent actual returns.

2. Mutual Funds do not have a fixed rate of return and it is not possible to predict the rate of return.

3. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.