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MFSH Retirement Planning Calculator

Retirement planning is essential for every working individual. The process of creating a retirement plan revolves around identifying income sources, accomplishing an effective savings scheme, estimating the required amount of funds and investing a portion of your income in varied assets.

However, the hard part is making the right calculations for a robust retirement life, and estimating the returns from your investments. The retirement calculator can come in handy for individuals who want to understand the retirement corpus that is required, and how much you need to save or invest in order to attain it.

What is Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning is preparing the right finances for retirement. While planning for retirement, you need to consider inflation, estimate the after-retirement expenses, estimate the time horizon of the retirement, assess risks, and make insightful investments.

Moreover, with life expectancy on the rise, the need for secure finances after retiring from your job is a necessity. The retirement planning calculator from Mutual Funds Sahi Hai can help you assess the amount of funds you need after retirement, and the returns you could make on investments pre and post-retirement.

What is the MFSH Retirement Planning Calculator?

The MFSH retirement calculator is an online utility tool that shows you the amount of money you would need after your retirement. It also assists you to plan your investment based on the retirement corpus you need to accumulate.

It can serve in two primary ways, and they are:

1. It shows you the money you need after your retirement in order to maintain the current lifestyle you live.

2. It can assist you in estimating the returns of your investments and how you need to invest to accumulate your retirement corpus.

How Does a Retirement Planning Calculator Work?

The MFSH retirement calculator contains a formula box where you can choose to input your current age, your retirement age, life expectancy, and monthly income needed after retirement. You will also have to choose the estimated inflation rate, the expected return on investment and if you have any current savings.

On inputting these details, the calculator will show you the annual income you need at retirement, and the monthly savings you need to make to attain this corpus.

How to Use the MFSH Retirement Planning Calculator?

You can use the calculator with only a few steps, and the steps have been listed below:

Step 1: Enter your current age.

Step 2: Enter your desired retirement age.

Step 3: Choose your life expectancy.

Step 4: Enter the monthly income you need in your years of retirement.

Step 5: Enter the estimated inflation rate in the country.

Step 6: Enter the expected returns on investments pre-retirement.

Step 7: Enter the expected returns on investments post-retirements.

Step 8: Input any current savings or investments set aside for retirement.

On providing these details, you can see the calculator display:

  • • The annual income needed after retirement.
  • • The additional fund needs to be accumulated.
  • • The required monthly savings to accumulate the required corpus.

Benefits of Using the MFSH Retirement Planning Calculator

The primary benefits of using this retirement calculator are:

It Helps Save for Retirement: Saving for retirement needs to start as early as the 20s and 30s. The calculator establishes early saving and investing for individuals by letting them know their required funds and how to accumulate them in a given timeframe.

Helps Know the Estimated Finances Required After Retirement: It is hard to estimate how much you require exactly for your retirement life, and this calculator accomplishes this estimation effortlessly. Moreover, it tells you the amount of investments or savings you need to make at the moment to accumulate that estimated corpus within the given time frame.

It Helps Plan for Additional Expenses in Retirement: In case there would be additional expenses in your retirement, you can plan ahead for it, and be prepared, since you already know the retirement life expenses.


Q1. What is the Mutual Funds Sahi Hai retirement calculator?

The MFSH retirement planning calculator is an online tool that will help you estimate the corpus amount you need for your life after retirement.

Q2. How does the MFSH retirement calculator work?

This calculator uses a formula box to calculate the required amount after your retirement.

Q3. What details do I need to provide in the retirement planning calculator?

You need to provide your current age, life expectancy, monthly income you need after retirement, your estimated return rate, and inflation rate.

Q4. What are some of the recommended investment pathways to accumulate a corpus for my retirement?

You can prefer equity investments, mutual funds, bonds, PPF,the National Pension Scheme, and more.

Q5. Is the retirement planning calculator accurate?

The retirement calculator is accurate for calculations. However, there are several other factors to consider, such as the risks of your investments, unforeseen emergencies and more.