Won’t I need a large amount to invest in Mutual Funds?

Won’t I need a large amount to invest in Mutual Funds? zoom-icon

Mutual Funds Sahi Hai?

People think that Mutual Funds are elite investments made only for the wealthy. The fact is: one does not need large sum to invest in Mutual Funds, you can start with a sum as low as ₹ 500, or 5000 depending on the kind of fund you choose.

Why keep the minimum amounts as low as these?

The economies of scale can be understood easily if we look at travelling by an airplane. The plane would cost a lot of money and, of course, not everybody owns a plane! However, we can afford air travel simply because all the costs are divided among all the passengers using the services at various different points of time.

Similarly, a person may not have enough money to create a diversified portfolio through investment in a very large number of investment avenues, one may not have enough money required to conduct or purchase research on investments. However, the economies of scale allow small investors to get multiple benefits through Mutual Funds .

Mutual Funds are thus ideal vehicles for small investors for saving and investing.

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