Which Fund should a new Investor invest in?


Mutual Funds Sahi Hai?

Many people are interested in investing in Mutual Funds for their potential to generate better return than most other asset classes over the long-term, but they just don’t know where to begin. Since Mutual Funds are risky, most prospects are skeptical of putting in their hard-earned savings into it. They are constantly researching to find which fund should they invest in that would give them the benefits of Mutual Funds without the risk. Since there are no free lunches, we don’t have a zero-risk fund that gives us returns like other Mutual Funds. But overnight funds come close to this.  

These funds invest in securities maturing the next day. Hence, they are highly liquid and carry minimal risk. But it is difficult to generate the much required return you need for your portfolio to serve you in the long-term through these funds. If trying out Mutual Funds in a small scale before committing your life savings into it is what you are looking for, then Overnight Funds are the answer. But use these funds only if you want to park a large sum of money for a short while or to get comfortable with Mutual Funds as an investment option. These are like the net practice sessions for cricketers before they go for a match.  


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