How to start investing in Mutual Fund schemes?


Mutual Funds Sahi Hai?

Investing in Mutual Funds has now become so easy and simple that one can think of investing in any number of funds without much additional documentation. First-time Mutual Fund investors need to complete their KYC which is a one-time process. You can either approach a distributor or investment advisor to help you complete the KYC verification or you could do e-KYC online. KYC is like a key to the world of Mutual Funds. Once you’ve completed your KYC, you can choose to invest in any fund without going through further verification for each investment.

Once you are ready to invest after KYC verification, you can choose to invest with the help of a mutual fund distributor, registered investment advisor, stock market broker, bank or any other financial intermediary. But if you wish to invest on your own, you can either visit the nearest office of the fund house or visit their website to make an online investment or through any online platform.  

The choice between whether to invest directly or invest through a distributor is an individual one. If you are someone who likes to manage his/her investments on your own, you can surely invest online either through the fund’s website or through any online platform. But if you like to seek advice or need help in investing, you can invest through an intermediary like a distributor, investment advisor, bank etc. 

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