How can I invest in Mutual Funds directly?


Mutual Funds Sahi Hai?

You can invest directly in a Mutual Fund either offline or online, if your KYC is complete. If you are uncomfortable transacting online, you can invest in a fund by visiting its nearest branch.

Online is the most convenient way to invest directly in Mutual Fund schemes and you get to save on commissions as well. You can invest online through a fund’s website or its RTA’s site or a fintech platform Investing directly on a fund’s website requires you to manage multiple logins.

Investing in a Direct Plan means you take responsibility of creating a financial plan, choosing funds most appropriate for your goals, monitoring the portfolio regularly to rebalance it if needed. Not everyone has enough knowledge on Mutual Funds to choose the right funds and manage the portfolio. Hence Direct Plan is meant for investors who can handle this with ease. Otherwise, investing through a distributor is advisable for those with insufficient Mutual Funds knowledge.

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