How safe are Direct Mutual Fund platforms to invest in?


Mutual Funds Sahi Hai?

There are many fintech companies that offer Direct Mutual Fund investment platforms either for free or for a fee. Most of these platforms are registered with SEBI, thus well-regulated and governed by security and privacy guidelines mandated by SEBI. Today even Fortune 500 companies can get hacked and similarly so can Mutual Funds platforms. However, it is highly unlikely.

Since most of the Direct platforms are currently owned by startups which haven’t been around for long, there may be a possibility that some of them close down or get acquired by bigger entities. But you shouldn’t worry about your investments made through these registered platforms even if they stop existing in the future because the money invested by you goes into the Mutual Fund’s account and the Fund has a SEBI recognized Registrar to keep an account of your investments .

You can always approach the fund house to access your investments. Choose a Direct Platform if you like its user experience, fees, the services it offers, and if the founding team inspires confidence. Don’t worry about its future and your investments made through them. They will always remain safe with the fund houses.

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