How to Choose between Direct and Regular Plan in a Mutual Fund?

How to Choose between Direct and Regular Plan in a Mutual Fund? zoom-icon

Mutual Funds Sahi Hai?

When you invest in Mutual Funds through an intermediary, you you’re investing through a Regular Plan. Investing through an intermediary has certain benefits, for example, your distributor can help you with the selection of schemes appropriate for your short and long-term goals. The distributor will help complete the formalities like KYC, setting up SIP/SWP/STP apart from filling up the form in case you are a first-time investor. The distributor can also help adjust your portfolio during the course when either your financial goals change, or your portfolio needs a rebalancing to book profit or maintain the desired asset allocation. The intermediary also provides services like ensuring you remain up to date with your portfolio, updating your personal details whenever required like a change of address, nominee etc.  

However, if you are someone with a fair idea about the financial markets, the different types of mutual fund schemes available, how to compare scheme performance, understanding investment objectives, risk factors and portfolios of funds, understanding which type of fund is best suited for your financial goals, investing in a Direct Plan could be beneficial for you. That’s because you’ll be saving on commission. If you are comfortable investing online, doing your KYC and setting up ECS debit for an SIP, you can surely consider investing directly in Mutual Funds .

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