₹ 500 se toh sirf shuruwaat hai


Mutual Funds Sahi Hai?

You can start investing in Mutual Funds with just ₹ 500 a month!

People feel that to earn meaningful returns, large sums must be invested in Mutual Funds. Well, you can start by investing as little as 500 per month and gradually increase your investment as your income rises.

Check out the table below to understand how your investments can grow at different rate of returns.


*This is strictly as an example. The returns shown in the table are purely hypothetical and for illustration purpose only. Mutual Funds do not offer any assured rate of return.

Mutual Funds are meant for everyone from the Aam Aadmi to the Bada Aadmi (a common man to high net worth individual). There are three mantras to help the small saver aim for a larger goal:

a.      Start early - even with a small amount

b.      Invest regularly - no matter how small the amount

c.       Stay invested for a long term - to give your investments the opportunity to grow

Mutual Funds have evolved to suit every kind of investor over time. Even if the investment amount is low, regular investments and a disciplined approach can help you build a large corpus over time.

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