How often can I remove my money?

How often can I remove my money?

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An investor has no restriction on redeeming money from an open ended scheme. While there may be an exit load in certain cases, which impacts final amount realised, all open end schemes offer liquidity as a great benefit.

The decision to redeem is totally at investor’s discretion. There are no restrictions on the number of redemptions, or on the amount to be redeemed. There have to be sufficient units in the account to fund redemptions. Scheme documents usually indicate minimum amount that can be redeemed.

Units under lien to a bank or institution cannot be redeemed, unless the lien is removed. Redemptions may be restricted only under extraordinary circumstances, as decided by the Board of Trustees.

Closed end schemes may be redeemed from the AMC only on maturity. However, they do provide a route to liquidity – any time before maturity - by selling units in a recognised exchange.

Redemptions can be made at;

  • Investor Service Centres (ISCs)
  • AMC offices
  • Official Points of Acceptance of Transaction (OPAT)
  • Through an authorised on-line platform.
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