At what age should one start investing?


Mutual Funds Sahi Hai?

If you are wondering is it too early or late to invest in Mutual Funds, rest assured that the right age to start investing is in fact now, the moment you decide to invest. But the sooner you start investing, the better will it be for you since mutual funds help in creating wealth over the long-term through power of compounding. 

For power of compounding to work its magic on your investments, you must start early in your career. In fact, the ideal time to get into Mutual Funds would be the day you start earning. If you can save a little from your monthly earnings and invest it in Mutual Funds through SIP, you are giving your money long enough time to grow. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of such a disciplined investment approach in the future when the need arises. Remember to invest in those mutual fund schemes with risk levels that match your risk appetite i.e. your ability and willingness to take that kind of risk.

As we progress through life, our life goals grow bigger with growing salaries. Start your investment journey through a SIP with your first salary and increase it with every pay hike in order to meet these goals comfortably. But even if you haven’t started yet, it is never too late to start your Mutual Fund journey today because the power of compounding can still give you something more than if you delay the decision by a few years from now. 

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