Is there a dashboard for Mutual Fund performance?

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Mutual Funds Sahi Hai?

When we think of investments, it’s natural to ask how much return we will earn. While the answer is straightforward for fixed deposits, and other traditional saving schemes, it is not so for mutual funds. Conventional savings products offer a guaranteed rate of return that we are familiar with. Hence choosing any of these products to put our savings is an easier decision. But with Mutual Funds, it can seem complicated with hundreds of schemes to choose from when it’s not humanely possible to be familiar with all of them.

This is where a fund performance dashboard can come handy. A fund performance dashboard is like a report card of all the funds. You can view their past performance against respective benchmarks, latest NAV, and daily AUM, all at one place. Such a dashboard can make your work easier from a performance comparison perspective, but that shouldn’t be your only basis for making a choice. Choosing the right fund for your investments requires you to consider many other aspects like the type of fund, the fund’s investment objective, its risk level, and its suitability to your risk appetite and investment goals.

However, next time you want to compare fund performances, just visit and click on ‘Know the performance of Mutual Fund Schemes' to view the track record of all funds at one go.

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